How to become a Professional DJ in 5 Steps


-With pictures-

I believe it is safe to assume that we all went numerous times to a club or a Dj animated party . This is where you have a tendency of watching the dj booth more than the other surroundings.

an controlling audio mixer

Part I

– Observe-

The most Important part is to have some admiration of the hardware and what those audio equipment’s can create . The impact on the crowd can be enormous.

Also some of the Professional device ranges from Rane, Traktor and other brands are simply awesome to look at.

black DJ turn table next to laptop computer


Part II

– Acquire-

If you are fascinated about how clubbing works and decide to be a part of moto :

” If house is a Nation , I want to be the President ! “

than you should buy some accessories to be able to become one.

The most important step is to have the will and ambition

You can now buy some second hand gear , whatever suits your needs,

but is it better to start small with pro gear.

Buying Pro gear will put you on the same track as the dj’s in the big clubs.

Don’t over do it ! If you bail and need to sell the gear you will loose big time.

Pure example:

1x Vestax VCI 100 , Speakers and at lease a decent Notebook

In this case the matching software is Serato

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Part III

– Practice-

Assemble a nice collection of music with various genres and BPM’s

Use all online resources to understand the basics of Beat Matching, Transitions and Scratches.

Serato is a current trend, become a specialist in the Serato software settings.

Practice what you see in the online videos.

Be patient it take weeks to obtain some noticeable results.

Don’t be afraid to fail , record as much as possible and identify your flaws

Part IV

– Share-

If you are happy with some of your creations than upload some to soundcloud or youtube.

Share them on Facebook with friends, see their reactions.

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Part V

– Organise some gigs-

As your work starts to show success hit the iron while it’s hot.

Mix at some parties, amaze the crowd !

If you practice and the public likes your work you are already a Dj

person performing heart hand gesture